For children to feel safe secure and supported an effective routine helps make transitions throughout the day run smoothly, enhancing children’s developing sense of identity to feel safe secure and supported- Early Years Learning Framework




  • Morning tea and afternoon tea
  • Lunch and water drink bottle.
  • 2 x full set of change of clothes.
  • Sheet in pillowcase for rest time, if your child is resting.


8.30-10.15am Indoor and Outdoor free play time
10.15 – 10.45am Morning Tea
10.45-11.45am 2x groups have group time, 2x groups outdoor free play
11.45-12.45pm 2x groups have group time, 2x groups outdoor free play
12.45-1.15pm Lunch time
1.15-2.45pm Dharawal Language Program (2 days per week)
1.15-2.30pm Country/ music  / free play
2.30-3.00pm Afternoon tea
3.00-4.00pm Indoor/Outdoor free play
4.30pm Preschool closes


We provide the opportunity for children to have a rest or to have some quiet time inside each day. Please talk to your child’s group teacher if you would like your child to be included in this routine. At this time of the day, other children participate in quiet activities either in the cool shade of the sand pit, the verandah area or indoors reading books.

Parents and carers are to provide sheets and launder them each week. A flat cot sheet marked clearly with child’s name is recommended to cover mattress fully. Please send this along in a pillow case (used as a carry bag only). If your child requires a cuddly toy, dummy or special sheet/blanket for sleep time please send along (labelled).