The outdoor learning environment provides a multitude of opportunities.

A range of experiences are always provided to meet the learning styles of each child.

  • Sensory play – water, sand, mud kitchen, a range of other sensory activities planned weekly.
  • Large motor skills – climbing, obstacle courses, tennis, basketballs, soccer, riding bikes, scooters, hoops, stilt walking, large construction equipment.
  • Fine motor skills – matching games, sorting, small construction equipment.
  • Imaginative and social play – cubby houses, horses, jungle animals, dress-ups, sand play.
  • Environmental play – vegetable and herb gardens, finding insects, climbing trees and nature trails

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EYLF Outcomes

  • Initiating and joining play.
  • Engaging in interactions using verbal/non-verbal language.
  • Using senses to explore the environment.
  • Strengthening muscles, co-ordinating body movements, balance and control.
  • Exploring, trying out and exchanging ideas.
  • Develop imagination and sustained play.
  • Connecting to nature, caring for the natural environment, sustainability.
  • Being actively involved, persistence and perseverance.
  • Using a range of tools and equipment.
  • Co-operating with others to play and solve problems, sharing and turn taking.