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SOS Preschool is licensed for children aged three to six years. Parents are advised to place younger members of the family on the waiting list to ensure a place when it is required.

Due to changes in our funding, SOS Preschool will prioritise children who are at least 4 years old on or before 31 July in that Preschool year and not enrolled or registered at a school.

We are able to offer a two day or three day enrolment, depending on availability. The number of families we are able to accommodate may vary according to government funding models.  This will determine the number of days allocated for each child. Please note that we do not offer one day placements.

Enrolments are offered based on eligibility to start school and the date your waiting list application was submitted. Due to a short supply of community based Preschools in our area, we do have a significant waiting list and cannot guarantee places. We endeavor to enroll as many children as we can while meeting our licensing requirements.


The NSW Parliament has passed a Bill to amend the Public Health Act to strengthen vaccination enrolment requirements in early childhood education and care. From 1 January 2018 SOS Preschool will NOT BE ABLE TO ENROL children who are unvaccinated due to their parent’s conscientious objection.

Children must be toilet trained before commencing at Preschool.  The exception to this, is any child who has additional support needs, as there are extra staff to meet their requirements.  If you have any concerns please speak to the Directors.