Belonging Being and BecomingAt SOS we believe that parents are the primary and most influential educators of young children. We provide a welcoming environment where all families are respected and actively encouraged to work together with educators to ensure learning experiences are meaningful. We encourage families to take an active role in contributing to and participating in the programming for this centre. This ensures genuine partnerships are established to create a sense of belonging for children and their families.

Children learn most effectively when engaged with their environment. A play based curriculum founded on individual and group observations is implemented in order to facilitate children’s active role in learning. Individual developmental needs and strengths are considered to support exploration, discovery and experimentation with materials as well as interactions with others. Children can then make connections with their world and make sense of everyday experiences and feelings. We provide an environment which fosters children’s sense of security, trust and acceptance of themselves and others. Friendships and positive peer interactions are promoted to ensure a strong sense of social and emotional wellbeing.

Educators working within the centre respect children as individuals and foster their unique abilities and strengths, backgrounds and ethnic identities. SOS is an inclusive preschool where children with delays and disabilities are supported to participate in a mainstream early childhood setting. SOS employs staff who are experienced, knowledgeable, creative and dynamic, who are enthusiastic about children and their learning. All staff engage positively with children, encouraging autonomy, initiative, responsibility, cooperation, creativity and self control.

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A positive self esteem is the foundation for learning and being. A child who is confident with his/her own abilities will be confident to explore their environment. We provide a safe, loving, stimulating and challenging centre which promotes the development of each individual child using holistic approaches to teaching.

The Early Years Learning Framework informs our practices for ensuring all children develop a strong sense of identity and are able to feel connected to the wider community. At SOS, children experience quality teaching and learning experiences on their journey to becoming active and competent participants in society.